Same Day Payday Loans


Same Day Payday Loans If you need money, you probably feel like you need it now, or at least the same day. Many payday lenders try to boast things like a one hour delivery time, and many more say they can get it to you within 24 hours, or the next business day.

Few problems present themselves with the kind of urgency that money problems do. It’s a strange fact that when you need money you tend to need it yesterday, but if you stop to take a breath you might realize that it’s only one way of thinking that there are other ways to think about the situation. Mentally we tend to pigeonhole ourselves into certain paths, but there’s always other options.

If you’re sure that you need the money same day, most brick and mortar payday lenders will hand you the cash in the same visit, providing that you have all of the information that they need to get you started. Be sure to call ahead of visit their website for a list of documents that they require, and you simply fill out the application, let them enter everything into the system, and you walk out with cash in hand.

Same Day Payday Loans Online

If you want to go the online route there are many online lenders that say if you can get your information submitted by a certain time they can have the money to you the same business day. All they require is that you give your bank account information and they will be able to wire you the money so you can have it instantly. There are a few problems with this method though.

The first is that if you have overdrawn your checking account, your bank will get their money before anyone else. Maybe you have other people to pay more urgently, and you were planning to pay the bank when you get your paycheck. Secondly, if you are unable to pay the loan off on your due date, they will still send the transaction through, and your bank account will overdraw. They could also end up getting to your money before you can withdraw it, so if your plan was to use your payday money to pay people off with, you might not be able to because it’s already gone.

In Person Is Better

That’s why we recommend going to a real world payday lender for a same day loan. You will not only get cash in hand to use as you see fit, but you will usually have more leeway as far as paying back the money goes. Here’s why: If you go with a lender that requires you to bring the cash in on your payday, you can usually call them and let them know that you’ll be in later, even the next day. This will buy you some time to take your money out of the bank and pay off who you need to pay off.

Of course the payday lender will be calling the bank to verify if you have the funds so they can go present the check you wrote them, but as long as you get to the money first, they won’t try to cash the check right away. After a certain time they are required to present the check by state law, and at that time you’ll incur an overdraft fee as well as additional fees, so you should aim to pay them back as soon as possible, just be sure to do it on your own terms.

Why the Urgency?

Perhaps you waited so long to fix the problem that now it’s come to a head and you feel that you absolutely need it to be fixed right this instant. Or maybe you are trying to avoid further fees and fines that could amount to even more than the payday loan fees. Whatever the reason, be sure that you are not using time as a reason to make irrational decisions.

Most people feel so stressed or pressured about money that they end up making bad choices in the moment and then end up living with those bad choices for weeks or months to come. Inaction is not always a bad thing, but could be the reason you got into this mess in the first place, so try to size up the situation objectively.

Safeloans Ltd are a short-term loan lender established in 1989.

They have an SSL certificate which means they have a secure website on both their domain names: and

They offer a unique service in that you can choose how long you wish to borrow for – from 1 day up to 31 days – and they only charge you for the number of days you borrow.

The rate they charge is just under 1% a day. So if you borrow £100 for 30 days you pay £29 in interest, a bit more than the market average of £25. But if you borrow anywhere from 1- 26 days you pay less than this £25 average.

Need cash in the next 1 hour? Then this is your lender of choice – they offer a priority 1 hour funds transfer direct to your bank account. You pay £15 for this priority service.

If you’re happy to receive funds by end-of-day then you can opt for the cheaper £10 same day transfer. If you don’t want to pay for funds transfer then opt for the free BACS transfer – but it can take up to 3 working days.

Note: Loan applications are processed within 3 working hours of receipt.

No faxing of documents required except for a minority of borderline cases.

They will credit check and credit score you.

Advantages: you pay for the exact number of days you need the loan and not a day more unlike traditional lenders that always charge for 30 days