Crash Course to SEO

Spending a week on a crash course in SEO training session taught me one thing – SEO is easy to grasp – but, it sure takes a lot of effort!
The first Malta SEO Contest was declared open and the details released to the public last June. This was open to all, including SEO professionals and amateurs. There were over 70 entries placed for the competition, which ended September 29th. Position in the Google Philippines Search Engine Results Page is the determining factor as to who comes out the winner.

The use of both White Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques took place throughout the contests, as contestants fought to secure their place in the top positions; watched closely by the SEO community and the contest judges.

As the contest progressed, Aaron Wall suggested that SEO Contests can lead to comment spamming and raised the issue as one of concern within the global SEO community. It was suggested that the contest may start to look more like a spamming contest as different contestants strive to reach the top. The contestants needed to be wary of this or consider altering their strategy in this instance, as spamming sites risk a Google ban.

So just what is needed to reach the top of the rankings? Here are several suggestions and SEO techniques that a number of contestants applied to start boosting their rank during the first month of competition.

1. On-Page Optimization – This is the way in which a web master or site designer aims to build a site that is as Google ‘friendly’ as possible. This will include correct use of Site Navigation, 5 to 7% Keyword Density, inserting Meta Tags, using the Google Site Maps and implementing Google Adwords. These are just some of the most important techniques to use to boost the ranking of a website. A lot of contestants would opt for WordPress to build their sites, as this is super easy to build and recognised as being optimal for SEO enhancement.

2. Link Building – Sites included in the contest were promoted via a wide range of forums, blogs and directories found online. Some even opted to link with unrelated sites (prompting the spamming comments). Linking to other sites is still a major factor in determining a sites rank and for this reason, the use of techniques to increase Google PageRank included building backlinks to increase Google page ranking.

3. Articles – The submission of articles to feeders and article sites goes hand in hand with backlink building. The error that some inexperienced SEO contestants made is that they violated copyright laws as they took articles written by others and claimed them as their work. Submitting articles undoubtedly helps the SEO and the page ranking, however submitting articles of one’s own is a must!

4. Black Hat – Unfortunately, there were a number of Black Hat techniques used in the contest. This included the use of spam blogging, duplicate sites and other unfriendly techniques to drive the site to the top of the page ranks. While it’s not hard to understand the occurrence, particularly with many SEO contestants being completely inexperienced, it is still critical that the difference between ethical and unethical SEO is understood. Mess this up and your site may be banned all together by Google.

Ultimately, Google-friendly sites are the only ones that will get to the top and stay there. Use Black Hat techniques and you are likely to be barred by Google.

Through watching the progress and looking at the techniques tried and the outcomes from the contest, it is clear that SEO can be learned, but implementing the necessary steps consistently to come out on top take extra effort and time.

Optimizing images for SEO

Many writers and web publishers work hard at learning SEO “best practices” but neglect to give images titles which can be found by Google Images as well as titles that contain their targeted keywords. Taking the time to craft a well-key worded, relevant and readable piece of content only to neglect to properly title the images is like running a marathon in record time and then stopping for a sandwich right before the finish line.

Use of Images has grown exponentially over the past couple of years; this has been a natural result with the growth of mobile phones.

Whether you are using stock images or pics you have taken yourself, just follow this easy walk through and increase your image visibility.

Crafting best-practice image titles: The title format.

Before we delve too deep into the content of image titles, let’s take a look at best practices for title format. There is some disagreement on the finer points of the structure of an image title, such as whether to use underscores or dashes (“this_is_the_image_title.jpg” or “this-is-the-image-title.jpg”), but my own training from experts in the SEO field and personal experiments have told me dashes are best.

The second thing to remember is you want to avoid stop words at all costs. Here is a list of 429 of the words usually ignored by search engines when users type complicated things into search boxes. Avoiding stop words is especially important in image titles, as you have so few words to play with.

Separated by dashes and containing no spaces, punctuation or other characters, best practice image titles should shoot for 5 to 7 words long. All of the words in the image title should be lower case.

Why does all of this matter so much? We need to be able to speak the language that search engines do in order to get our images found and to augment the keyphrases in our primary content. Properly formatting image titles is like properly forming sentences. It soon becomes second nature, and then the results begin to build in earnest.

Crafting best-practice image titles: Every word is key.

A good image title is one which captures both the essence of what is pictured in the image and contains keyphrases targeted in the copy it accompanies. If I am writing an article “How to Build Trumpet High Note Range – Free Online Trumpet Lessons”, the obvious choice of an image would be that of someone playing trumpet, looking like they are reaching for those high notes!

I could title the accompanying image something like “trumpet” or “trumpet-player”, but I would be missing out on the small SEO opportunity that could edge my image, or my piece as a whole, onto page 1. A title descriptive of both the image and the accompanying content is best.

In this case, I went with “trumpet-player-practices-high-note-building-drills”. This image title is readable (yes, the ‘bots can read), contains my main keyphrases for the article, and describes what is pictured in the image as well.

Titling pics in this way has the added benefit of helping keep track of the images, on both your hard drive and the end user’s. I write many articles about trumpet playing, imagine my confusion if simply I titled all the images “trumpet”! If someone downloads the image to his or her computer, the title under which it is saved is descriptive of the image without the user having to change anything.

Sadly, Associated Content content producers cannot yet reap the benefits of the boost best practices in image titling can bring to an image and a piece of content. My carefully-crafted image title was spit back out by the Associated Content content management system at a URL of and a title of “470_479774”. Not exactly ideal, right?

In the grand scheme of SEO from a content producer’s perspective, image titles are of not as great import as say, headlines. That said, do you really want to be the mother or father article that sits at #11?

Expired Domains

Expired Names – expired domain names are internet addresses that didn’t get revived once the domain registration term came to Associate in the Nursing finish. When a brief waiting amount, expired domain names become offered to the general public for purchase. The demand for these expired internet addresses has created a business in itself.

When you obtain the expired name, you’ll be able to gain immediate page authority, domain authority and “link popularity” – in alternative words, you’ll be able to exploit what the previous website accomplished. During this manner, expired domain names might assist you to begin out nearer to the highest of program results pages instead of defrayment time (and money) clawing your far from rock bottom.

The potential blessings of pre-owned internet addresses create it simple to think about the expired name not merely “as smart as new” – however as one thing even higher. Whereas it’s true that some expired name will assist you to get a jump begin to online success, you’ll do your school assignment to avoid selecting the used internet addresses that may cause hassle for your online business.

Before considering expired domain names for your online business, you must check domain names supported many critical indicators of success with search engines and compatibility together with your company.


Did the previous website be Google’s bright side? If it desecrated any of Google’s strict pointers — as well as those against reciprocal linking or serial spamming – it could be troublesome (if not impossible) for you to urge indexed on the search engine’s results pages. Even emails connected to your domain are going to be blocked.

You can check domain names within the Google cache, public, online tool that permits you to check what version of a page is presented in its index. Merely enter “” within the Google search box, and you’ll see a photograph of the positioning taken by Google the last time it crawled the net. This version of the positioning was wont to generate the index results – if you can’t notice it, there can be a drag.


  • What was the character of the previous website’s content?
  • How was the SEO?
  • Will it help or hurt my site?

Whereas it’s vital to extend traffic to your site, your focus ought to get on attracting traffic that has relevancy to your business. You’ll be able to check domain names within the net Archive, that stores copies of previous website versions geological dating back to 1996. You’ll be able to read these sites by writing the name into the Archive’s Wayback Machine.


When it involves link quality, the amount is significant. However, the quality backlink is vital. The search engines tend to stay to the notion that you’re sole as relevant as those sites with that you associate.

Take a better look into backlinks of expired domain names and avoid those internet addresses related to spamming, reciprocal linking schemes and alternative.

You’ll be able to check domain names for backlinks by mistreatment a web tool like Google’ backlink checker, which can offer backlink results after you sort “” in its search box.

TRANSFER OF possession

The WHOIS info is that the ultimate resource for name info. Unless the newest owner used private registration, the WHOIS info ought to tell you all you would like to grasp concerning possession of expired domain names. One important answer to retrieve the WHOIS info after you check domain names: however typically has the positioning modified homeowners in recent years? Expired domain names with frequent transfers of possession ought to be eyed with skepticism.

If you are doing register Associate in the expired Nursing name that has been prohibited by the search engines, you’ll be able to charm to possess your new website enclosed within the index – a method which might take time and cash. It’s far better to try to your analysis and avoid used internet addresses that have the potential to break your online business and your whole. Rock bottom line: If you’re considering expired domain names, you need to check domain names for a history of issues before you risk your online business’ future.

On Page SEO


What is On-page SEO? – On-page improvement is the process of making the content of a page ready to be relevant for the search queries being targeted. It’s an important a part of most SEO campaigns – if the phrases you’re hoping to rank for don’t seem on the page, it’ll be way more robust to attain your goals.

Remember, the content of a page and its associated meta-information area unit some of the factors thought of by search engines once ranking pages for specific queries. The very fact that individual internet house owners have full management of content implies that these cannot be the sole (or even the foremost powerful) ranking factors, as they may merely be manipulated. As such, they’re usually solely a part of the puzzle, however not sufficient enough to rank for even moderately competitive phrases on their own.

AT an outline LEVEL, the method appearance one thing LIKE:

Determining the words and phrases to focus on specific pages
Ensuring the final copy of the page is written with those phrases in mind
Tweaking particular components of the page to incorporate precise phrases and variants

In general, the search engines area unit superb at recognizing synonyms, understanding stemming (i.e., knowledge that different participles of verbs and plural vs. singular nouns discuss with a similar core idea. As an example, that “running marathons” and “ran a marathon” area unit concerning similar essential things).

For this reason, and conjointly as a result of on-page factors area unit necessary however not sufficient for ranking well, it’s vital to write down initial and foremost to please users and solely take into account keywords and phrases as a secondary issue. It’s much more essential that users to like, share and convert from your pages than having the precise phrase you’re targeting squeezed in an extra time. Bear in mind throughout all the guidelines that follow that they ought to all primarily be prefaced with, “As long as you aren’t impacting the readability of the page…”.

SEO strategy ROI

We all knowledge vital it’s to create a substantial business objectives. In fact, you’d (hopefully) ne’er dream of charging into a brand new company while not having one. And yet, astonishingly, several people aren’t putting in place nearly an equivalent effort once setting a good SEO strategy which involves building a powerful promoting strategy.

Getting  the objectives right

What’s the purpose of investment most time and cash into building and doing a brand new business, solely to possess no customers?

If you would like customers, you’re reaching to ought to actively get out there and notice them, and so allow them to apprehend you exist. The sole thanks to trying this is with a solid promoting strategy.
When you don’t have a promoting strategy, you run the danger of turning into adrift as a corporation, wasting cash on channels that don’t transfer your results and losing out on potential customers to your competitors.
Research Your Competitors

Identify Competition

No business exists in a vacuum, albeit you’re the sole complete on the market in your specific niche. You’ll be able to be warranted that sooner or later, you’re reaching to end up with some competition, and they’re entering to have their concepts concerning the most sincere thanks to acquiring customers.

This is why it’s vital to pay your time analyzing the competition.

Before you get the wrong plan, though, the purpose of running a competitive analysis is to assist you to work out what you’ll be able to be doing higher or completely different than the remainder of the gang.

It’s not. Thus you’ll be able to replicate their every move, but instead, therefore you can:

  1. verify what’s operating for them and bed better;Or, notice untapped opportunities
  2. Choose Your Channels

There is a large sort of ways that to urge your promoting message before of your prospects, quite ever, in fact. You’ll be able to go the usual advertising route and stick ads in newspapers and on billboards; otherwise, you will strive new trendy and ever-evolving techniques like SEO and content promoting.

No matter route you head down, you wish to work out what channels you’ll be exploitation to show your audience into prospects and so on customers.

Rinse and Repeat

While it would be tempting to do everything right away and opt for a “scattergun” quite approach, all you’ll be doing is wasting your resources on channels that aren’t certain to work.
To urge the come on investment, you would like your promoting strategy; it’s vital to form deliberate, au courant choices concerning what channels give the most straightforward ways that to achieve your target customers.

Remember, don’t invest effort in a specific channel just because you are feeling such as you ought to be exploitation it. It’ll take to a small degree time and a trifle of a sense around to search out the proper promoting channel for you, thus don’t stress if you don’t dig right from the get-go.